Teachers’ Testimonials

At Lincoln we have so many amazing teachers that are willing to take the initiative to seek additional resources outside of their bound with a vision to enhance learning by all our children. Lincoln PTO, fortunately, is able to support their vision with your generous donations. To demonstrate to you the impact your donations have made, we have collected feedback from some teachers across various grades. Here are their testimonials in relation to the $5,000 PTO funds used to support the creation of differentiated math stations in the classrooms.
I was able to purchase a number of great games and materials that help me differentiate and build engagement and enthusiasm for math learning – Andrea Beaser (Kindergarten)
To get some great new materials for learning about math facts and numbers. – Karin Olson (1st grade)
To purchase engaging materials that provide students with meaningful visuals that help them develop deeper math understanding.  -Libby Kun (2nd grade)
I have used the PTO funds to build our grade level resource with the kind of flexible manipulative that will build a strong and lasting foundation of materials to support learning throughout all the units of study.  – Beth Greenwood (3rd grade)
5C is up and running with Math stations that are better than ever. It’s great to see ALL of my students engaging in math activities that foster robust math conversations, allow students to work at an appropriate level of engagement, and explore math concepts at increasingly complex levels – Corey Clifford (5th grade)
Funding from PTO was used to purchase coordinate grid boards for walls and organization containers to store manipulatives. – Edward Fitzgerald (6th and 7th grade Math)
To keep learning strong, your continuous support to the PTO is very crucial. No donation is too small, and there are so many easy ways to donate. Simply press any of these links:
  • Credit cards – it’s ok if you don’t have a PayPal account
  • Mail your check to Lincoln PTO – Treasurer, 19 Kennard Road, Brookline, MA 02445
And don’t forget… your workplace may multiply your donations by matching!