PTO Board Meetings and Lincoln Community Conversations

The Lincoln School PTO regularly holds both Open Board Meetings and Lincoln Community Conversations.

Open Board Meetings are held every 2-3 weeks.  These meetings are where the PTO leadership discusses logistics and management of new and ongoing initiatives.  Meetings are typically held at 8am in either the Lincoln Cafeteria or in the Brookline Music School. These meetings are open to interested parents and caregivers.

Lincoln Community Conversations have been introduced during the 2016-2017 school year in lieu of the PTO General Meetings.  Community Conversations are opportunities for a less formal discussion, driven by the Lincoln community.  PTO board members do attend, to give brief presentations or answer questions or assist in facilitating discussion.  Community Conversations are usually held in the Lincoln Library, and alternate between morning and evening.

Dates of upcoming Open Board Meetings and Community Conversations are announced in Lincoln Lines and can be found on the PTO calendar (

The PTO board also meets monthly with the school principal and teacher representatives.

Meeting minutes or Community Conversation notes are linked below where available.