New Lincoln PTO Directory

The Lincoln School PTO has moved to a new product for managing our online directory.  The new system, MySchoolAnywhere, is easier to use and easier to manage, and is already being used by other schools in Brookline.

Families who were already entered in the previous directory last year will have received two different emails.

The first email gives families a temporary password and a link to the MySchoolAnywhere login page.  Using your email and the temporary password, families can login to the MySchoolAnywhere system.  However, the Directory section of MySchoolAnywhere will not be enabled until families confirm their directory information.

The second email is a Data Confirmation email.  This email has a link to a page where families can verify and correct  their directory information, and assign their students to classrooms for the 2017/18 school year.  [The PTO does not have access to classroom assignments.  Families assign students to classrooms during the confirmation process.]

Once families have confirmed their data, they can login and access the directory.  If you need these two emails re-sent to you, let us know at

New Family Instructions

If your family is new to Lincoln, or if your family was not in our directory last year, you can add yourself to our new directory with a few simple steps.

Just visit the MySchoolAnywhere ‘join’ page, fill in our school’s invite code, and then enter your own family information into the directory.   Be sure to include students’ current classroom assignments.

The join page is: and the invite code is: 19kennard

On a weekly basis the PTO will review and accept new family entries, after which you can login and use the directory.

Directory FAQs

What is this directory used for?

This is not an official school district directory, it is a directory of Lincoln families managed by the PTO for the purpose of facilitating communication between families and from the PTO.  The directory is also used for sending Lincoln Lines, the PTO’s weekly email newsletter.

Do both parents need to confirm their directory data?

Data confirmation only has to be done once per family.  When one parent in the family completes the confirmation process, all parents will then have directory access.

What is “Family Name” in the directory?

The directory has a “Family Name” for each family.  This should be the last name of the children in the family.  In some cases the Family Name may be hyphenated (“Johnson-Black”) or multiple words (“Johnson Black”), whatever is most appropriate for each family.

How much information do I need to fill in?

The PTO uses the directory primarily to email news and announcements, so it’s important to enter an email address.  Beyond that, it’s up to you to decide how much information you want to share with other families.  It may be useful to include cell numbers, but not so important to fill in a home address.

Directory access is restricted to Lincoln families. Whatever information you decide to include will not be publicly available on the internet.

What if my email address changes?

Account resets and password changes are send the email address we have listed for you in the directory.  But in some cases you may no longer have access to the previous email account.  If this happens, send us an email at with your old and new email addresses and we’ll correct the directory.

How do families new to Lincoln sign up for the directory?

Families that are new to the Lincoln community can visit the MySchoolAnywhere ‘join’ page and enter their own information into the directory.  Administrators will review and accept the new family entries.

The join page is: and the invite code is: 19kennard

Current Lincoln families should not have to use this join page, since all existing directory data has been migrated.


Have any other questions?  Send an email to: